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Good quality sleep is essential for waking up happier and breathing through your nose all night is the best way to maximise the quality of your sleep. Continuous nasal breathing prevents snoring, gasping, snorting, disturbed sleep, sleep apnoea, dry mouth, stuffy nose, bad breath and sinus pressure, caused by mouth breathing during sleep.
SleepQ+ is a breakthrough innovation in sleep management scientifically designed to help you breathe through your nose all night and wake up happier.














Here's how...

Innovation Functionality - Assisted Lip Closure

When the lips part during sleep the mouth invariably opens, causing the tongue to drop from the upper palate and breathing to switch from the nose to the mouth. With aging the lips part more often due to loss of muscle tone in the lips and jaw. Once mouth breathing commences it often persists during the whole sleep period increasing the incidence of snoring, sleep interruptions, mild sleep apnea, dry mouth, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, gingivitis, halitosis, tooth decay and, in the long term, abnormal jaw, teeth and facial structure.

sleepQ+ is designed to deter the mouth from opening involuntarily by taking advantage of an interesting characteristic of the sphincter muscle that forms the lips.

A sphincter muscle is a circular muscle that normally maintains constriction of a natural body passage or orifice and which relaxes as required by normal physiological functioning. The lips, one of fifty-two sphincter muscles in the human body, can be held closed by controlling only a part of the whole muscle; for example, pinching the middle of the lips together will effectively retain the whole of the lip area closed even though the majority of the lip muscle is unrestrained.

Applying sleepQ+ to the central area of the lower lip and closing the mouth has the same effect by marginally increasing resistance to the lips opening during sleep in order to maintain constant nasal breathing all night.

Voluntary mouth breathing through either side of the mouth always remains an option. Instant release of the lips with a touch of the tongue or liquid provides essential reassurance to the user in the event of gastric reflux.

In the absence of any underlying medical condition that causes abnormal nasal resistance, applying sleepQ+ to the lips before sleeping can effectively eliminate involuntary nocturnal mouth breathing and the multiple disorders caused by the habit.

Don't spend another night sleeping poorly, get sleepQ+ today and get used to waking up happier.

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