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How To Use sleepQ+

HOW TO USE. SHORT from Rob Davis on Vimeo.

Applying sleepQ+

  1. Make sure your lips are clean. The gel will not attach to lipstick or lip balm.

  2. Look into a mirror, moisten your lips with your tongue and open your mouth.

  3. Open the tube and place the tip of the nozzle on your lower lip on the moist/dry line about 1/3 in from the corner of your mouth as shown below.                                  

    1.  Gently squeezing the tube from the bottom, move the nozzle slowly along the moist/dry line of your lower lip to apply a continuous line of gel. Do not stop or break the line of gel. The thickness of the line of gel should be the same diameter as the hole in the nozzle (3mm).

    2.  Stop applying the gel so you leave an equal size gap in each corner of your mouth (as shown above) and break off the gel from the tube by gently wiping the tip of the nozzle on your lip. Do not touch the gel with your fingers. The gap can be increased anytime by gently pushing your tongue into the corner of your mouth.

    3. Close your lips gently together but do not squeeze out the gel, which should be barely visible when your lips are closed.

    4. Keep your lips gently together while the gel is setting (10-15 minutes). Do not disturb the gel by moving your lips or to test the adhesion. 

    5. Immediately replace the tube cap.

Once the gel has set you can:

Speak, cough or mouth-breathe through either side of your mouth.

Drink using a straw. Wet the top of the straw to assist entry between your lips

Suppress any desire to sneeze by pushing the tip of your nose with your finger until the feeling passes or disengage the gel to sneeze

If you wake up to find the gel has released, moisten the gel with your tongue and close your lips to re-engage

Disengage the gel by pushing your tongue into one corner of your mouth and sliding it between your lips to the other corner

Re-engage the gel to continue sleeping by moistening the gel on your lips with your tongue and closing your lips.

 Cleaning off the gel

  1. Disengage the gel by pushing your tongue into one corner of your mouth and sliding it between your lips to the other corner.

  2. Wet a soft cloth or a tightly folded tissue with warm water and gently work the gel from your lips in an upward and downward motion, or push it off with your tongue and saliva. Do not pull the dry gel from your lips.

Store at 20C for best results. Do not refrigerate. Discard 90 days after first opening tube. To avoid spreading germs do not share your tube of sleepQ+ with another person. Just click on our Buy Now button, place your order and we will send them their own personal tube.

Each tube provides up to 60 applications.

Updated February 27 2023