The SleepQ+ Story

Some companies have lots of different products; some have just a few. We have one and we think its perfect.


sleepQ+ is our one perfect product and what makes it unique is that it has more than one use. People have found many different reasons for using sleepQ+ to improve their sleep quality and wake up happier, here are a few:



  • Snoring

  • Dry mouth

  • Post-nasal drip

  • Sleep apnea

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Habitual mouth breathing 

  • Sinus pressure

  • Stuffy nose/nasal congestion

  • Dehydration

  • Bad breath

  • CPAP therapy

  • Sports recovery

  • Gingivitis

  • Post ENT surgery

  • Companion product with dental appliances and over-the-counter remedies

  • Early facial ageing

All this just by preventing involuntary mouth breathing during sleep.

Our mission is summed up in the words of the inventor of sleepQ+:

“If we help everyone to sleep with a closed mouth we will have prevented some of the world’s most common sleep-related problems”.

There are so many people that sleep poorly because they breathe through their mouth during sleep and have no way to control the habit when sleeping. People snore and upset the ones they love, others wake up several times a night to drink water because they have a dry mouth and many wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose, bad breath and sinus pressure, just because they mouth-breathe during sleep.

The surprising thing is that it has taken so long for someone to come up with a safe, low cost and effective way to control involuntary mouth breathing during sleep when the problem is so common and widespread.

Doctors and dentists have always known that habitual mouth breathing is really bad in children and can even cause deformed jaws, faces and teeth if not corrected before their teens. There is lots of research that shows mouth breathing causes many sleep related problems that make some people’s lives miserable and is even a risk factor for asthmatic events and yet, until now, no effective product has been produced to control the habit.

It gives us a real thrill to hear back from our customers about the instant improvement in their sleep quality from using sleepQ+ and how they have told their friends, family and colleagues to try our product for their particular sleep issue. We get requests for sleepQ+ from the UK, US, South America and other countries we don’t yet service.

That tells us the word is spreading and the demand will eventually be global. We are working hard to expand our reach so more people can sleep better and wake up happier. If you can think of another use for sleepQ+ please let us know and we will put it to the test. If we decide to include the use in our marketing material we will reward you for helping us to help others to wake up happier.

The invention of sleepQ+

sleepQ+ was invented by a man who couldn’t keep his mouth shut! 

For many years he suffered from really bad sinus pain. He had sinus surgery twice, hoping to get some relief but the pain continued, even with medication, nasal sprays and rinses. 

To try and understand why the problem persisted he did some research into the sinuses and discovered a really interesting, but obvious, fact about the sinus cavities. To stay healthy the sinuses must have constant ventilation and they are ventilated only during nose breathing. He found that nasal breathing automatically stops when mouth breathing starts, which shuts down airflow to the sinuses and causes mucus to build up and create pressure. In simple terms the sinus cavities stagnate without constant nose breathing.

He knew he breathed through his mouth during sleep because he would wake up several times during the night with a dry mouth, and he started each day waking up with sinus pain and nasal congestion in the morning. He also snored.  

He tried to stop his mouth opening during sleep by putting a strap around his head and jaw but soon realised he still breathed through his lips even when his jaw was tightly closed. He tried taping his lips closed with sticky tape and soon found his sinus pain, dry mouth, snoring and nasal congestion were improving but found the tape could dislodge during sleep and be sucked into his mouth. He also found it was difficult to remove quickly when he was sleepy and it caused skin damage when pulled off in the morning. He decided the answer had to be an adhesive gel with some remarkable qualities.

He put together a list of characteristics the gel would need to have to be perfect, a product that people could trust to help control unintended mouth breathing during sleep. This was the list:

  1. An adhesive gel that will set quickly and keep a person’s lips closed during sleep, but not prevent them breathing through the mouth when desired.

  2. It must release instantly when touched by the tongue.

  3. Once released, the gel must re-engage the lips again for continuing sleep without using more gel.

  4. It must have a limited grip so it will not prevent the mouth from opening if a person needs to open their mouth quickly without releasing it with the tongue.

  5. Importantly it must be safe if swallowed and not cause irritation or damage to sensitive lips.

  6. Removing the gel in the morning will need to be quick and easy.

  7. The finished product will need to be available for a price people will be happy to pay.

He commissioned a pharmaceutical company to deliver the perfect product but after 6 months of trials the answer came back “we tried but it can’t be done, you want too much from one formulation”.
After a second company continued trials and came back with the same advice he employed a third company to keep trying. After 45 different formulations they came really close to making the perfect gel but not perfect enough for this man. When he suggested they keep trying they told him "you should have taken the advice of the last two companies, it can’t be done. If you knew anything about chemistry you would know that you want too much from a single concoction”.

“But you’re so close” he replied “go back into your laboratory and give it one more try, here’s some more money”.

Two weeks later a star was born. sleepQ+.

Next came safety tests, patent attorneys, clinical trials, regulatory filing, batching trials, tube filling trials, branding, logo, websites, market research, and product testing on friends.

At last, more than five years later, sleepQ+ is here to help the world ‘wake up happier’ by preventing sinus pain, snoring, dry mouth, bad breath, nasal congestion and sleep apnoea, all caused by mouth breathing during sleep.

After all that time and cost it should be expensive, but it’s not. For around 50 cents a night sleepQ+ will boost your sleep quality and you will ‘wake up happier’.