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Waking up in the morning with a stuffy or blocked nose is not the best way to start the day and is often caused by breathing through your mouth during sleep. If your nose is blocked because you have a cold or flu there is not much you can do to avoid waking up with a blocked nose until the cold or flu has run its course. If you regularly go to sleep with a clear nose and head and wake up with nasal congestion and sinus pressure then open-mouth breathing during sleep is very likely causing the problem. 

The brain of a mouth breather thinks carbon dioxide is being lost too quickly from the nose and stimulates the goblet cells to produce mucous in the nose to slow the breathing. This creates a cycle of mouth breathing triggering mucous formation, nasal passage blocking, leading to more mouth breathing and increased nose and sinus congestion.

sleepQ+ is the only product that will gently support your lips in the closed position without using force, to keep you breathing through your nose all night. That means you are far less likely to snore or wake up with a stuffy nose.

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It should be expensive, but it's not. A 25g tube will give you up to 70 applications for $38.80 or around 50 cents per night.

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When you breathe through your nose, the air you inhale keeps your nasal and sinus passages clear and ventilated as it passes through to your lungs. When this ‘air conditioning’ switches off, which is what happens when you breathe through your mouth, it is similar to switching off the air ventilation in your home or car. It doesn’t take long for the space to stagnate and become stale.

If your nasal and sinus passages aren't constantly ventilated by nose breathing they become blocked and difficult to breathe through and if you are sleeping you will probably continue to mouth breathe all night. It might seem logical that mouth breathing occurs because the nose is congested, but that is not always the case. The brain of a mouth breather thinks carbon dioxide is being lost too quickly from the nose and stimulates the goblet cells to produce mucous in the nose to slow the breathing. This creates a viscous circle of mouth breathing triggering mucous formation that blocks the nose, leading to more mouth breathing.

If you want really good quality sleep and to wake up happier it's worth remembering, mouth breathing can cause nasal congestion leading to more mouth breathing and poor sleep.

Everybody opens their mouth at some time during the night and many close it again after a short while but as we age our facial and lip muscles weaken and our mouth stays open during sleep.

When the mouth opens the tongue drops from the roof of the mouth and falls back towards the throat often causing snoring, snorting or gasping during sleep and waking up with a dry mouth, dry throat, bad breath, stuffy or blocked nose and feeling tired.

Just by keeping your lips together all night you can dramatically reduce the chance of suffering from any or all these conditions as well as looking more appealing with a closed mouth.

If you would like help to keep your mouth closed during sleep so you wake up happier without 'morning nose' just click on the Buy Now button and help will be on the way.

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