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Snoring Video from Rob Davis on Vimeo.

Mouth breathing is the root cause of snoring. Here's why.

When you sleep with your mouth closed and breathe through your nose your tongue rests on the roof of your mouth away from your airway.

But when your mouth opens and you start mouth breathing, your tongue drops back into your throat, restricting air flow and creating turbulence.

This is the root cause of snoring and increases the likelihood of sleep apnea.

By creating a reversible bond between your lips, sleepQ+ helps you maintain healthy nasal breathing all night without snoring.

sleepQ+ releases and re-engages as often as you wish so just one application lasts the whole night.

Stop mouth breathing during sleep and you will wake up happier with a happy bed companion.

"Since I started using the product I have experienced very restful sleep for longer periods than I have in years without having to get up for bathroom breaks. My sleep quality drops off if I don't use it and my wife does not complain about my snoring anymore!  I sleep on my back and used to breathe heavily and even pause in my breathing on occasion.  I'm absolutely sold on this wonderful product, Sleep Q+.  I have no negative experiences, only positive.  I can see a lifelong use." Dave D

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