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The sinuses are a very complex part of our respiratory system and are prone to infection if not constantly ventilated by nasal breathing. When you open your mouth during sleep and your breathing switches from your nose to your mouth, air stops moving through the nasal and sinus passages causing mucus to build up and cause sinus pressure. Eventually your sinuses will stagnate and become infected.   

Everybody opens their mouth at some time during the night and many close it again after a short while but as we age our facial and lip muscles weaken and our mouth stays open during sleep. Keeping your lips together all night with sleepQ+ can dramatically reduce the chance of suffering from sinus pressure and a blocked nose in the morning.

sleepQ+ was developed to prevent sinus pressure building up during the night and causing heady congestion in the morning. A 20g tube will give you up to 60 nights of great sleep as you only need to apply the gel once for the whole night.  

Take the pressure down…keep your sinuses clear and healthy with sleepQ+.

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Updated May 2020