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sleepQ+ is the ideal method for preventing mouth breathing or venting during CPAP therapy. In the words of a CPAP patient using sleepQ+:

"Using sleepQ+ has eliminated the terribly dry mouth and throat that occurred through mouth breathing, even with a full-face mask. Without a dry mouth I typically only wake once during the night to go to the bathroom and drink only a small amount of water. Previously it was many times and a lot of water.

I have been able to progressively lower my CPAP pressure from 15 mm to 12 mm while still maintaining a 30-day average AHI of 3.0. sleepQ+ has eliminated the regular heavy sinus head that I would previously wake with in the morning due to breathing through my mouth.  This has very significantly increased my well being."

CPAP therapy can be challenging even when mouth breathing or venting are not issues you need to deal with. Controlling mouth breathing with a chin strap can make the experience even less comfortable and taping your mouth can be risky. 

Chuck the chin strap and toss the tape! With sleepQ+ you may be able to switch your full-face mask for a nasal or nasal-pillow mask for greater comfort, especially when travelling. Check with your sleep clinician.

sleepQ+ will help improve your CPAP therapy and compliance without risk or nasty side effects. sleepQ+ is not expensive as a 20g tube will give you up to 60 applications and you only need to apply the gel once for the whole night.