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An important part of Myofunctional therapy is correcting the breathing route of habitual mouth breathers. For most patients this is a long and difficult road as a habit formed is a habit difficult to change. 

sleepQ+ is a significant advancement in correcting habitual mouth breathing by controlling the habit during sleep and is used by children as young as six.

sleepQ+ is a reversible oral adhesive gel that retains the lips closed to prevent mouth breathing during sleep.

 Safety: Two specific studies evaluating the safety of sleepQ+ for use in humans have been performed.

SENSITIVITY AND IRRITATION - Skin patch sensitivity study. (Cantor Research Laboratories, Inc of Blauvelt, NY, USA)Utilized fifty-four subjects following the principles referenced in “Appraisal of the Safety of Chemicals in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics” published by the US FDA. No adverse reactions of any kind were observed during the course of the study. It was concluded that the reversible oral adhesive gel is a non-primary irritant and a non-primary sensitizer. 

TOXICITY - Cytotoxicity Study (AMS Laboratories Pty Ltd of Silverwater, NSW, Australia according to ISO 10993-5 (2002) and AS/NZS 26961996) The reversible oral adhesive gel was found to be non-cytotoxic.

sleepQ+ is made in the US to FDA manufacturing standards and is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Health Canada and Medsafe New Zealand.

 Updated September 1 2021