Myofunctional Clinicians

An important part of myofunctional therapy is correcting the breathing route of habitual mouth breathers. For most patients this is a long and difficult road as a habit formed is a habit difficult to change.

Taping the mouth is often used as a way of controlling the breathing route during sleep but mouth taping, especially on young people, is a risky and unapproved practice that may cause harm and place practitioners in a position of liability in the event that reflux causes choking, or if the tape detaches from the mouth and lodges in the throat. 

A taped mouth takes time and conscious effort to release, which is something that a sleeping person may not always have if mouth breathing becomes an urgent need during sleep, while repetitive pulling the tape from the mouth each morning often results in skin damage or sensitivity. There is now a better way to help correct habitual mouth breathing by controlling the habit during sleep with sleepQ+

sleepQ+ was designed to address the multiple concerns people raised about controlling their breathing route when asleep. They told us they wanted the option to mouth breathe if they wish, their lips to be released instantly to speak or take tablets, to be able to re-engage the lips for continuing sleep without applying more gel, to avoid damage to sensitive lip tissue and to clean off quickly with water or saliva.


sleepQ+ is used by children as young as six and is not expensive as a 20g tube will provide 60 applications and you only need to apply the gel once for the whole night.

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