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If you breathe through your mouth when sleeping it will impede your recovery. Here’s why...

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is essential for muscle repair and development. Natural human growth hormone is released into the blood supply when you enter deep REM-stage sleep. To reach REM-stage sleep you must sleep uninterrupted for 20 to 30 minutes.

Breathing through your mouth during sleep can cause sleep arousals that impede your transition into, and reduce the time you spend in, REM-stage sleep. Nose breathing delivers calm, deep, restorative sleep and is a natural, drug-free way to replenish human growth hormone every night.

Lactic Acid

Strenuous activity builds up lactic acid that causes tissue hypoxia (cramp) in muscles. Lactic acid build-up is regulated by nitric oxide, which is produced in the nasal and sinus passages only during nasal breathing. Mouth breathing does not produce nitric oxide.

Nasal breathing also increases circulation, blood oxygen, carbon dioxide/ph levels, lung volume and heart efficiency and decreases water loss by more than 40%, helping to maintain hydration.

During the day - use sleepQ+ as part of your training routine to help you develop the habit of only breathing through your nose during sport activity. 

At night - Boost your sport recovery by making sleepQ+ part of your sleep management routine, to help you reach deep, restorative sleep without disruption.

Dont be a mouth breather. Stop mouth breathing during sleep and you will wake up happier and speed your recovery.

How to stop mouth breathing? Use sleepQ+ every night.