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Mouth breathing during sleep will have you waking up during the night to drink water because mouth breathing dries out the mouth, throat and tongue. 

Dry mouth interrupts your sleep cycle and getting back to sleep will take time and reduce the time spent in deep sleep, where the body restores itself.

The problem is worse for people on some medications that produce dry mouth as a side effect and spend the night breathing through their mouth. 

Everybody opens their mouth at some time during the night and many close it again after a short while, but as we age our facial and lip muscles weaken and our mouth falls open during sleep.

When the mouth opens the tongue drops from the roof of the mouth and falls back towards the throat, often causing snoring, snorting or gasping during sleep and waking up with a dry mouth, dry throat, bad breath, stuffy nose and feeling tired.


CPAP delivers air to keep your upper airway open so you can breathe easily. If your mouth falls open during sleep the air will escape, causing the mouth, throat and sinuses to dry out and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

sleepQ+ is the only product that will gently keep your lips closed all night without using force, to keep you breathing through your nose to avoid waking with a dry mouth.

Updated October 30 2020