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In children, mouth breathing can lead to physical abnormalities and cognitive challenges. Children who habitually mouth breathe can develop:

  • A narrow mouth
  • A long, narrow face
  • A gummy smile
  • A large overbite 
  • Crowded teeth
  • Poor posture

Additionally, children who breathe through their mouths often don’t sleep well at night. Poor sleep can lead to:

  • Poor growth
  • Poor academic performance
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Sleep disorders

Treating mouth breathing in children early can reduce or prevent the negative effect on facial and dental development. Children who reduce mouth breathing show improvement in energy levels, behaviour, academic performance and growth.

Untreated mouth breathing can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Poor sleep caused by mouth breathing can also reduce a child’s quality of life and exacerbate stress. 

Help your child establish nasal breathing during sleep with sleepQ+. It’s so simple to use, children as young as seven use it every night.

  1. Apply a line of gel to your lower lip.
  2. Close your mouth.
  3. Sleep soundly all night.

Want to open your mouth?

Slide your tongue between your lips - instant release.

Want to continue sleeping?

Moisten the gel on your lips and close your mouth.

No need to apply more gel.

Why sleepQis the best way to control mouth breathing during sleep:

 Clinically tested for snoring

 Clinically tested for sensitivity and toxicity 

 Allergy and zinc free

 No skin damage from adhesive tapes

 Perfect for people with facial hair

 Won’t dislodge during sleep

 One application lasts all night 

 100% money-back guarantee

 Suitable for children as young as 7 

 Releases without using your hands

 Not visible during use

 Suits any size lips

 Up to 60 applications per tube


We're so confident sleepQwill give you a better night's sleep you can give it a try, worry-free, with our 100% money-back guarantee.