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We support Healthcare Professionals who want to help their patients with sleep and breathing disorders by supplying sleepQ+ at wholesale rates. To place an order or for more information contact us at  info@sleepqplus.com

ENT:  Post-operative care is an important part of sinus surgery. A common cause of patients having ongoing sinus problems after their procedure is lack of follow-up by the clinician about the breathing route of the patient. Due to nasal and sinus congestion, habitual mouth breathing often becomes a habit well before a patient decides to undergo surgery and may continue post surgery unless the patient returns to nasal breathing.

Apart from being an unhealthy way to breathe, if the patient continues to habitually mouth breathe, recovery will be compromised and the sinuses will re-infect due to a lack of healthy ventilation that comes through breathing through the nose. Re-establishing nasal breathing can be a lengthy process without help to control involuntary mouth breathing during sleep, which is why sleepQ+ was developed.

Improve your sinus surgery success rate by offering sleepQ+ to every patient during their post surgery check up. To place an order or for more information contact us at  info@sleepqplus.com

Dental: Dentists are often the first professionals to become aware of a problem since they are usually in contact with their patients more frequently than other physicians. Snoring, bruxism, dry mouth and sleep apnea are problems patients regularly raise with their dentist and they are all linked to mouth breathing during sleep. Habitual mouth breathing also exacerbates caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Mouth breathing is the root cause of snoring because when the mouth opens and breathing switches from the nose to the mouth the tongue falls from the roof of the mouth and shifts back, obstructing the airway causing snore.

Improve your patient’s health by explaining the hazards of oral breathing and offering them sleepQ+ to control involuntary mouth breathing during sleep. To place an order or for more information contact us at  info@sleepqplus.com

Sleep Clinicians: Many patients referred to sleep physicians for a sleep disorder are often simple snorers or have mild sleep apnea and are looking for a low cost but effective solution. Until the condition becomes more serious or disruptive they have little interest in CPAP therapy, oral appliances or surgery. Following a sleep test many snorers may walk away, yet snoring is the cardinal symptom of OSA, which makes snorers the largest identifiable pool of the undiagnosed OSA population.

Offering an effective, low cost snoring product at your clinic provides the opportunity to maintain contact with the patient during repeat visits to purchase more product.  sleepQ+ is a most effective, low cost product for preventing snoring, mild sleep apnea and sleep disturbances caused by mouth breathing during sleep.

sleepQ+ also prevents mouth breathing or venting during CPAP therapy without side effects like headaches, skin redness or pressure marks often associated with chin straps. Preventing mouth breathing or venting is an effective way to improve CPAP compliance as patients can then lower their CPAP pressure, reduce dryness in the mouth and throat and avoid heavy sinus congestion in the morning.

For those patients with limited tolerance of CPAP or dental appliances, sleepQ+ is an excellent follow-on therapy to continue sleeping.

To place an order or for more information contact us at  info@sleepqplus.com


Orofacial Myofuntional Therapists: Correcting mouth breathing is an important part of orofacial myofunctional therapy and it takes some time to see results due to the short concentration span of children. Improving a patient’s muscle pattern and changing their breathing habit needs constant and regular practice during the day, reinforced by constant nasal breathing during sleep. Involuntary mouth breathing during sleep delays the successful correction of the breathing route and may cause some patients to give up on therapy.

Keep your patients motivated and encouraged by offering them sleepQ+ as a support tool to therapy. To place an order or for more information contact us at  info@sleepqplus.com

Updated 17 April 2020