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Mouth breathing during sleep can increase the incidence of mild sleep apnea. Here's why.

Keeping your mouth closed during sleep can reduce the incidence of mild sleep apnea because when your mouth is closed your tongue rests on the roof of your mouth clear of your airway and throat. But when your mouth opens, your tongue drops from the roof of your mouth and shifts back towards your throat. This can obstruct your airway and cause you to gasp, snort, snore, wake up or have apneas (pauses in breathing).

sleepQ+ is the only effective product especially designed to prevent the mouth involuntarily opening during sleep without applying force or manipulating the jaw.  Stop nodding off during the day, go to bed with sleepQ+.

sleepQ+ is not expensive as a 20g tube will give you up to 60 applications and you only need to apply the gel once for the whole night.

Stop mouth breathing during sleep and you will sleep better and wake up happier, with a happy bed companion.