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SleepQ+ is an effective method for preventing mouth breathing or venting during CPAP therapy and is preferred by patients over a chin strap because no force is used to maintain the lips together and the product causes no nasty side effects like headaches, skin redness or pressure marks often associated with chin straps.

Pilot studies of sleepQ+ used in conjunction with CPAP therapy have shown a reduction in dryness in the mouth and throat (even with a full face mask), less visits to the bathroom during the night, lower CPAP pressure and no heavy sinus congestion in the morning due to breathing through the mouth. Users report a significant increase in well-being and compliance.

For patients with limited tolerance of CPAP, sleepQ+ is an excellent follow-on therapy each night to prevent snoring, dry mouth and sinus pressure caused by oral breathing. 

sleepQ+ is registered with the TGA, HealthCanada and Medsafe NZ as a class 1 medical device.

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SleepQ+ is an adhesive gel that is applied to the lips to gently keep your mouth closed so you maintain nasal breathing when sleeping. SleepQ+ sets in a few minutes, releases instantly with the touch of your tongue and re-engages when you close your mouth again.

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