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Stop Snoring And Waking Up With A Dry Mouth And Sinus Pressure

        Imagine having deep refreshing sleep every night.

        Imagine waking up energised and revitalised every morning.

        Imagine it’s as easy as keeping your mouth closed when sleeping.

         STOP IMAGINING… make it happen with sleepQ+

Sleep studies reveal that most people have really poor sleep if they breathe through their mouth when sleeping because it can cause Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disturbance, Dry Mouth, Sinus Pressure and Morning Nasal Congestion.

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SleepQ+ is an adhesive gel that is applied to the lips to gently keep your mouth closed so you maintain nasal breathing when sleeping. SleepQ+ sets in a few minutes, releases instantly with the touch of your tongue and re-engages when you close your mouth again.

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