Shipping to US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and NZ.

Shipping to US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and NZ.

SleepQ+ improves compliance with CPAP therapy using nasal pillows or nasal mask.

September 23, 2018

SleepQ+ solves one of the many challenges to effective use of and adherence to  CPAP therapy.
Sleep Apnea patients who are averse to using a full-face mask to address the issue of their mouth breathing during sleep now have a perfect replacement for the nightly piece of medical tape on the lips.
Using SleepQ+ allows for the use of the more comfortable, less confining nasal pillows or traditional nasal mask and maintains sealed lips during sleep.
I found SleepQ+ easy to apply and easier to disengage if I needed to open my mouth during the night.
SleepQ+ is an excellent addition to the toolbox to improve adherence to CPAP therapy and very beneficial to those who suffer from mouth breathing during sleep.
Edward G
Updated 23 September 2018

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