An Easy Success Story, We're Converts!

November 21, 2016

Updated 21 November 2016

My boyfriend snores, especially if he ends up sleeping on his back and his mouth falls open, so I suggested that he try taping his mouth at night.

He just smiles, shrugs and points at his beard and mustache, which raises a good point. It’s almost impossible for a man with facial hair to tape his mouth. But when I told him about SleepQ+, he was intrigued. It took him a week or so to come round to the idea but after he tried it just once, he was sold. He says he’s sleeping better, and waking up feeling more rested than he usually does. 

He also says that the gel is easy to use, comfortable, doesn’t glue his mouth shut like superglue (which he was actually worried about, strangely enough), and it’s easy to remove in the morning.

I’ve also been using it too with good results, and I actually prefer sleepQ+ to taping my mouth so we’re converts to this innovative new product.

Sarah H


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