Frequent Snoring In Kids A Sign Of Serious Health Issues, Study Says.

May 21, 2017

Frequent Snoring In Kids A Sign Of Serious Health Issues, Study Says.

Children who are known to frequently snore may be suffering from some health issue including tonsil enlargement, septum deviation, adenoids.

Different health organizations and their researches have stated various reasons which lead to snoring. According to the ENT experts, whenever our brain undergoes imbalance, it causes snoring to bring out regularity in brain functioning as snoring changes the breathing pattern. Respiratory problems, such as infection can also be one of the many reasons behind snoring according to the National Sleep Foundation at the United States.

According to a new study published in the Laryngology and Otology, one must keep a check how frequent the snoring in their child is to catch health issues before they get huge. In this study carried out, a research on a thousand children was conducted for six years period. The research concluded that the children who breathed heavily, from mouth or who had regular frequent snoring issues were more prone to health problems like cognitive dysfunctioning, behavioral problems and were highly vulnerable to develop ADHD symptoms.

It is highly recommended that monitoring of the snoring is regularly carried to know the nature of it, and if it is found to be frequent enough, medical help is advisable to prevent multiple health issues which this prolonged snoring syndrome makes children vulnerable to. Evaluating sleep accurately can help in curing this, like if the child sweats while sleeping; it is because it is unable to breathe smoothly which leads to struggle in breathing thus causing sweat.

The remedies to this include an elevated head support while sleeping, preventing child’s contact with objects like pets and soft toys since these objects may cause allergic reaction and respiratory concerns in child’s body and most importantly a regular check on the snoring frequency and regularity.

Updated May 21 2017

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