4 Reasons Men Should Get Adequate Sleep

August 17, 2017

4 Reasons Men Should Get Adequate Sleep

Men should make sure they get proper sleep to reduce their risk of:

Low testosterone

Hypogonadal symptoms (which emerge due to low levels of testosterone) are a side effect of sleep loss over time. Men with so-called “low T” experience a range of hypogonadal symptoms. These include erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, reduced libido, and problems with sleep.


As a consequence of low testosterone, men who have poor sleep for whatever reason may also face problems with infertility. Low measures of semen density and “motility” count, which describes the level of activity of sperm once released, can lead to future problems in sleep-deprived men who wish to father children.

Erectile dysfunction

An inability to maintain proper testosterone levels can lead to problems with erectile dysfunction, also referred to as ED. Getting less than 8 hours a sleep nightly changes the hormonal balance in the blood stream, and without the circulation of normal levels of testosterone, blood may not be available to the reproductive organs, leading to ED.


Mental health concerns are linked to poor sleep, regardless of gender. Research shows a connection between poor sleep, depression and suicidal thoughts among men who are sleep deprived.

The statistics are alarming:

13 percent of those who struggled with insomnia reported at least one type of suicidal ideation—thoughts of killing yourself, having a plan to commit suicide, intentions of killing yourself, wishing you were dead, or telling people you want to commit suicide. That’s compared to 2 percent of those who slept soundly.” (Men’s Health magazine)

Good sleep as a critical part of good overall health. Try making it a goal to achieve 8 hours of solid sleep per night. This will do more than just make the doctor happy… it will lead to better overall health and wellness, a stable mood, and a better outlook on life.

Updated August 17 2017

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